August 2017


We were established on Sanibel Island, with fishing being a big part of our culture. The ocean is a playground for many of our employees and customers, so it’s easy to imagine that we are quite passionate about marine wildlife research and preservation. To continue enjoying our oceans, we must be sure to preserve its ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. So, we would like to tell you a little bit about OCEARCH and how buying specific Costa sunglasses can help fund their important research.

Sharks are the lifeblood of our oceans, and they’re disappearing. If the oceans lose their apex predator, the entire ecosystem could collapse. It may be easy for many of us to feel that the less we have to worry about sharks the better. The truth is clear, though. We need them. Sharks are an integral part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and it’s important that we protect them along with their environment. OCEARCH is an at-sea lab led by explorers and researchers who have made it their mission to generate critical data and put science on the side of sharks, and Costa has created a way for all of us to get involved.

Costa is proud to be a long-term supporter of OCEARCH, and they found a way to get involved while still doing what they do best, sunglasses. They created the Costa+OCEARCH Collection, which features new special edition sunglasses and gear, inspired by the sharks that keep our oceans balanced. Your purchase of these items helps fund future OCEARCH expeditions and their mission to protect sharks. We are very excited to carry this collection of very cool styles and colors, and especially happy to know that each purchase made helps fund this great mission!

As National Fishing Month is ending, we want to be sure that the topic of marine wildlife research and preservation doesn’t fade with it. Swing by your local Sanibel Sunglass Company or Roosters Sunglass to check out the special edition OCEARCH Costa sunglasses. Our staff would love to talk to you about them! Even if you don’t necessarily want a new pair of shades right now, we still recommend that you click the link below to learn about the OCEARCH mission. Understanding erases fear.

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