September 2017

Every Year Thousands of People Lose Their Sunglasses During Football Season…

Don’t be one of them.

We love the excitement around football season. Customers come in to buy sunglasses in fun colors to match their teams. Some people just want a pair to keep the mid-day glare from obstructing their view of the game. But, between tailgating and the stadium, sunglasses just seem to go missing. We hear it all the time, and we’re helping you to be proactive so you can enjoy those gameday shades for many seasons to come. Here’s what not to do:

  • Don’t put them on your hat. They will fall when you jump out of your seat.
  • Don’t hang them loosely from your collar. They fall. Number one story we hear.
  • Don’t just throw them in a bag. Even if you don’t lose them, it’s a great way to scratch them.
  • Don’t sit them down while you put ketchup on your hotdog. You will forget them!

Let’s be real. You probably need a “game plan”, something to make sure you know where they’re going. You will have too much else to worry about when you hit game day mode. So, here’s what we recommend:

  • Most importantly, have fun!
  • Wear a sunglass strap. We sell the heck out of Cablz because they are discreet, durable, and comfortable. There are many other options too for whatever your tastes. We even sell them in team colors.
  • Place your sunglasses in a case when you are done wearing them. Sunglass cases are too inexpensive not to have one. Even a microfiber sleeve will do the trick if you are storing them in a way that they won’t get smashed or bent.
  • Cheer and celebrate with reckless abandon, and don’t worry because your shades will be fine since you had a game plan.

We are quite happy to sell you a new pair of sunglasses every time you lose them, but we truly love selling you additional pairs and hearing about how much you’ve loved using each of them. So, grab your game day shades and your sunglass case, and hit that tailgate party worry-free. You don’t have time to worry about that stuff when you’re trying to celebrate your team’s crazy awesome touchdown!

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