September 2017

Last Days of Summer

It seems like just days ago, I was joyfully planning this year’s summer adventures- which music festivals I would attend, whether I would make a road trip to New York or Seattle, and which of the newest sunglasses I would take along for the ride. I must say this summer has been great, but now that summer is winding down, I’m facing that bittersweet feeling that hits me every year. I still have my camping gear in my car knowing full well that it’s going to be too cold (for me anyway) to sleep in the outdoors. This year, though, I’ve decided not to fight it. I will pay my respects to the passing season and move into fall with a fresh list of adventures-to-be-had.

Hmm…rock climbing, kayaking…?

Some advice I received from a wise friend is to bring summer along for the ride. “Plan fun days out despite the cold. Just throw on a scarf, get out there, and enjoy the sunshine as you would on a summer day. It will feed your spirit.” Yes, I will miss temperatures warm enough to play in the water and let the sun shine on my legs, but the crisp autumn air is invigorating, and sweatshirts sure are comfy, not to mention the changing of leaves to bright reds, yellows, and oranges.

So, this year, as I wave goodbye to sunny days on the beach and hiking adventures with friends, I’m making plans to enjoy the gifts of autumn. I might even brave the night time chill and do some camping soon. In fact, I think I’m even excited about it! So, stay tuned…

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