September 2017

A Fresh Take On A Classic Look

Ray-Ban decided to mix it up this year and recreate a few of their classic styles. They modernized each of them with frameless versions in flashy colors. They’re called the Blaze Collection, which includes the Aviator, Rounds, Clubmaster, Cat Eye and Shooter, to name a few. 

The Blaze Shooter and Blaze Clubmaster are our favorites. They are both available with Ray-Ban’s green classic lenses and five different mirrored options which include silver, blue, violet, pink and orange. 

These looks are pretty freshYou may want to get a few of them. Or, if you have a friend or significant other who happens to be good at sharing, get a couple styles you both can mix and match! 

Kudos to Ray-Ban for always finding a way to keep the classics current. You can check out these and a few others from the Blaze Collection at any of our Sanibel Sunglass Company or Roosters Sunglass locations. Come see us. We’ll have you looking good for Fall!

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