November 2017

Why Shopping with Us Is the Best Decision You Can Make

In the spirit of holiday shopping, we asked some of our loyal customers and our employees why we, Sanibel Sunglass Company and Roosters Sunglass, are the best place to buy sunglasses. We got some very interesting feedback.

  1. The number one reason is that we have such a generous 90-day satisfaction guarantee. How many companies will let you bring a product back even if it’s worn or damaged? Well, we will because we want to make sure you or the person you are buying for is totally satisfied. 
  2. Knowledge is power! We pride ourselves in being very knowledgeable about all types of sunglasses and the activities they are used for. 
  3. If the sunglasses you pick don’t work out just right, we encourage you to bring them back, so we can troubleshoot and get it right on the next try. You have a full 90 days to do this at your convenience. 
  4. We are a privately-owned company, and we work hard to provide our shoppers with brands from independent companies who focus on quality and function. At the same time, we carry the top sunglass brands with a large variety of styles. So, basically, we stock the trendiest styles along with the newest alternatives.
  5. If you want a Maui Jim, Oakley, Costa or Ray-Ban sunglass that we don’t have in the store (and it exists) we will order it for you with no extra fees. We are even happy to mail your sunglasses to you or the person you would like to surprise.  
  6. Because we care so much about your sunglass experience, we will replace your sunglasses if they get damaged, within the first three months! 
  7. We genuinely care about your eyes and how they feel. We care about fashion too, but your eye health is truly important to us. 
  8. We give, hands down, the best customer service and we truly care about our customers finding the right sunglasses. Often when dealing with someone working in retail, especially during the holiday season, this can be a rarity. It’s easy for us since we sincerely pursue this year-round. 
  9. We want you to have fun while you are shopping with us, so we always have great music playing and an enthusiastic team to help you. 
  10. Last, but far from least, is we price match other authorized sunglass dealers! But we probably won’t need to since we will have some great sales of our own coming up this holiday season! 

The list goes on, but you get the point. We are the best place to shop for your sunglasses, so remember to stop by or call us when you are doing your shopping this holiday season!  

Special thanks to our customers for the honest feedback and to our managers who are passionate about what we stand for. 

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