November 2017

The Best Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the best parts of working in our sunglass shops during the holidays is hearing about all the interesting, beautiful and quirky traditions people have. For the most part, the folks in our company seem to really appreciate the typical Thanksgiving traditions, but there are also some unique ways that we celebrate. We’re definitely all on board with the fourth one! 

The best tradition my family had for years was a family hayride. My grandparents had a farm, and it was customary for my grandfather to put a few hay bales aside in a trailer that he would hitch to his tractor. Then, he would pull us around the farm for our own personal hayride adventure. 

Chip, in Myrtle Beach, SC, has a big Italian family whose favorite tradition is his grandfather’s “famous” fried eggplants. He said his brother has now picked up the baton and can make them just as well. Sounds delicious! 

Virginia, our National Buyer, enjoys Thanksgiving with her family in San Diego. She said they have been known to just veg out and watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy over the course of the weekend with her kids. 

Taylor in Greenville, SC said that her family likes to go fishing after they eat since they celebrate Thanksgiving at her Grandmother’s lake house. That sounds about perfect! 

Wade, at our Foley, AL store, said his family has a rather odd side dish every year that consists of pear halves with mayo and cheese. Sounds interesting… 

Randy in Savannah, GA said his family takes their cooking very seriously. He is the grill master and even makes a deep-fried turkey that involves almost a 24-hour process. I think we should all go to his home to eat this year! 

Cecilia, at our Concord, NC location enjoys Thanksgiving brunch with her family. Afterward, because she is dedicated to running her store the night of Thanksgiving, her husband and children head down to Miami without her, where the rest of their family lives, and she volunteers with her church.  

Mark, at our Oklahoma City location, said he has two favorite traditions. One is his wife’s amazing coconut cake. Secondly, he and his daughter go somewhere in the midst of all the crazy shopping to take funny hat pictures! 

Marcie, at our Sanibel store, has a small family, and, because they love green bean casserole so much, they make three big pans of it just for themselves! 

Diane, in Destin, FL, enjoys relaxing in her PJ’s while drinking mimosas with her family. They just take their time, enjoy the company, and eat sometime in the afternoon when the food is ready. 

It is truly heartwarming to hear about how everyone spends their Thanksgiving Day, and however conventional or unusual each of us are, the best Thanksgiving traditions are always the ones that include friends and family that we love. So, how do you spend your Thanksgiving? 

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