November 2017

Shwood, The Original Wooden Eyewear Brand

An interesting trend that has shown up in the eyewear industry over the past few years is wooden frames. Maybe it’s the “return to nature” mentality or the search for something unique and different. Either way, Shwood is leading the way with their distinctive look and the unmistakable craftmanship that goes into the creation of their frames.

What we love the most about Shwood is that every pair of Shwood sunglasses is entirely handcrafted by people, which means they pass under the expert eyes of humans rather than machines alone. They are all created right here in the U.S., at the Shwoodshop in Portland, Oregon. The materials are sourced globally from world-class suppliers and brought in-house to be handcrafted into one-of-a-kind eyewear.

Shwood started off making frames with sustainably harvested fresh woods such as oak, zebra wood, walnut, maple, mahogany and rosewood, and over the years have incorporated other funky elements including sea shells, desert flowers and, most recently, slate. They are constantly pushing the envelope on what we as consumers can expect in a pair of sunglass frames. Their motto is, befittingly, “Experiment with Nature”, and that they do! The frames are also made with stainless steel flex hinges which provide a comfortable fit and help keep the frame from stretching. They are strength tested equally or better than competitor eyewear brands. Then, to top it off, they are completed with a water-resistant finish.

While the frames are super cool, the lenses are the whole reason behind wearing sunglasses to begin with, right? Shwood certainly didn’t skimp on this detail. Mara Leighton, from Business Insider said, “My favorite part was how seamless the transition was once I put them on. Unlike many sunglasses I have, the entire world didn’t get dark once I put them on — I didn’t lose the clarity of my own vision to an extremely dark tint that made objects blurry, which is honestly why I prefer to go without them most of the time. Even though I loved the wooden look, it’s this detail of clarity in the polarized lenses that made me understand those heretofore mysterious people who keep sunglasses on inside”.

We truly encourage you to check out the whole Shwood line. With all the cool materials they incorporate into their frames, there is something for everyone! And, like most wooden creations, natural wear allows these frames to look even better with time.

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