December 2017

‘Tis The Season, Here’s The Reason

  1. “It’s truly the best gift under the tree”

We know there are plenty of great gift ideas, but you have to admit that just about anyone would be super excited to receive a nice pair of sunglasses for Christmas. Especially for those who won’t spend the money on themselves or have never even had good sunglasses, it means a lot.

  1. “You are giving the gift of eye protection for your loved ones”

Eye protection is so important and should be taken seriously. We all get one set of eyes. They don’t replace or revive themselves after they are damaged, so taking good care them earlier in life prevents the headache (literally and figuratively) of dealing with failing vision, cataracts, melanoma, etc. later in life. The gift of eye protection is what you’re really giving when you buy someone a quality pair of sunglasses.

  1. “You get our warranty AND a vendor warranty”

Our warranty is legit. We truly want you to have a great experience with your sunglasses. So, if you have any mishaps, we will repair or replace your original pair for free within the first 90 days! Then, because you have purchased from an authorized dealer (us!), you also have coverage through our vendors, whose warranties vary from 1 year to a lifetime depending on the brand.

  1. “Our sunglass experts are trained to find what fits your needs. We make it easy.”

Our sunglass experts are also legit. We take it upon ourselves to do all the research, so you don’t have to. When you are selecting a pair of sunglasses, we consider all the factors for what you want and need. You don’t have to look at an overwhelming number of options when there are just a few that fit your exact needs.

  1. “And, if your gift happens to not work out, you aren’t stuck! We give you 90 days”

If you’re scared to gift sunglasses because of the chance that they might not work out perfectly, stop worrying! You have 90 days to bring them back in. There are some terrible return and exchange policies out there that have us all scarred, but our goal is to make you happy.

Come see us to take care of your holiday shopping!

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