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Check out our most popular styles!

Christmas is just 10 days away, and it’s time to wrap up the shopping so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season free of stress! As always, we think shopping for a gift should be fun and easy, so we are sharing our top trending sunglasses to give you some inspiration. Most of these styles are popular because they fit a wide variety of sizes, shapes and personalities, so this means you’re looking at safe options for surprising any your loved ones!

1. Ray-Ban Erika has been growing a strong fan club over the past couple years. Its best feature is that it’s very lightweight and comfy. Also, it offers a nice alternative to the more traditional Ray-Ban styles while still maintaining a classic look.

2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster is an iconic classic, and it’s cool that it tends to take on a different personality with every face.

3. Costa Fantail fit’s almost every face perfectly, and you have the option of glass or plastic lenses depending on use or preferences.

4. Maui Jim Ho’Okipa has a funny name, but it’s a seriously nice pair of sunglasses. It has been one of our most popular frames for almost a decade. It’s a flattering fit for almost any face.

5. Oakley Holbrook Metal comes in a large variety of color combinations, but our most popular is the Sapphire Iridium. It’s a cool, different look for Oakley lovers.

6. Ray-Ban Aviator is a style that can be worn with any outfit for any occasion, and the lens options seem endless!

7. Maui Jim Lighthouse weighs next to nothing but still manages to have a very resilient frame. It’s stylish and practical all in one.

8. Costa Loreto is hands down one of the sturdiest metal frames we have come across. It’s a great option for the stylish outdoorsy person. Like all Costas, this style is customizable.

9. Quay High Key is perfect for the cool, current individuals out there. We can hardly keep the rose gold and black gradient ones on the shelf.

10. Costa Brine is a great option for the outdoorsman. It has a light weight wrap frame with a rugged build.

Hopefully this has helped get your wheels turning. Just remember that it’s truly the thought that counts. If the sunglasses you pick don’t work, come back in or mail them back, and we will find something else that works perfectly. We are here to help and happy to bring some joy to your holiday season! Now, don’t wait until the last minute!!!

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