January 2018

Getting Out Despite the Winter Season

A new year is upon us, which also brings the coldest part of winter. Ugh! Finding inspiration to get out of the house may be more challenging than usual, to say the least, but we have a few ideas to make it worthwhile.

Gear Check

Whether you’re an avid hiker, snow skier, fisherman, etc., what matters most is that you have the right gear in the right condition. Take the time to buy those new insoles, tune your skis, change out your old fishing line… Whatever you’re into, fresh and upgraded gear should reinvigorate your excitement to hit the outdoors. Come talk to us about what sunglasses will enhance your experience. We might know a little bit about that.

Sign Up (AND Show Up!) for a Training Course

Have you had rock climbing on your mind? Shooting sound fun? These are just a couple things that can be done indoors, out of the cold, so you’ll be ready in warmer weather to show off your new skills! Then, there’s always gym classes…keeping those New Year’s resolutions in check!

Be the Instigator

Everything is more fun with friends. And, once you’ve talked them into joining you, how could you possibly find an excuse to back out? Do you have a favorite beach spot or mountain view that you share with your friends in the warmer months? Well, see what’s out there now. The worst thing that could happen is it’s not quite as much fun, and you just have to relocate. The point is to enjoy the company of your favorite people while doing what you love.

If You Are Really a Go Getter, Enter a Competition

Tackle that 5K you’ve been thinking about. Train to win it! Get involved in a winter sport, which probably should be one that you’re good at if you plan to compete (haha). If you live somewhere cold enough, try a polar bear plunge. This really doesn’t even have to be a competition…you will have won a battle with yourself if you’re brave enough to follow through on this one! They say it’s invigorating…you can let us know.

Find a New Fishing Hole (figuratively speaking or not)

You can become too good at something, too familiar with those slopes you’ve skied a hundred times…think you may have caught the same fish twice? You get the point. Rediscover your sense of adventure. Challenge yourself to try something new. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your first true love. Just try a change of scenery and enjoy rediscovering or learning something different. You’ll be happy you did.

Warm wishes for a Happy New Year from Sanibel Sunglass Company and Roosters Sunglass! Now, go make it a great one!

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