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Check out our most popular styles!

Christmas is just 10 days away, and it’s time to wrap up the shopping so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season free of stress! As always, we think shopping for a gift should be fun and easy, so we are sharing our top trending sunglasses to give you some inspiration. Most of these styles are popular because they fit a wide variety of sizes, shapes and personalities, so this means you’re looking at safe options for surprising any your loved ones!

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November 2017

Shwood, The Original Wooden Eyewear Brand

An interesting trend that has shown up in the eyewear industry over the past few years is wooden frames. Maybe it’s the “return to nature” mentality or the search for something unique and different. Either way, Shwood is leading the way with their distinctive look and the unmistakable craftmanship that goes into the creation of their frames. Read More

November 2017

The Best Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the best parts of working in our sunglass shops during the holidays is hearing about all the interesting, beautiful and quirky traditions people have. For the most part, the folks in our company seem to really appreciate the typical Thanksgiving traditions, but there are also some unique ways that we celebrate. We’re definitely all on board with the fourth one! Read More