• October 2017

    An Interview with Jarrod Sanders, President of Rio Ray

    If you aren’t familiar with Rio Ray, it’s probably because they are so new to the sunglass scene. The owner certainly is not, though. Sunglass veteran, Jarrod Sanders, has been in the industry for over two decades, and we are very proud that he chose us to be among the first to carry and promote his brand. While we are still working to become experts on the brand, we thought, what better way to get to know a brand than to get to know it’s creator? And, Jarrod was kind enough to let us interview him. Check it out!

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  • September 2017

    Keep It Clean

    Cleaning your sunglasses may seem easy enough, but as with most things, there is always a best way, and it doesn’t involve the bottom of your shirt. Sometimes you could actually be doing as much harm as good. We’ve got a quick tutorial to help.  Read More

  • September 2017

    Every Year Thousands of People Lose Their Sunglasses During Football Season…

    Don’t be one of them.

    We love the excitement around football season. Customers come in to buy sunglasses in fun colors to match their teams. Some people just want a pair to keep the mid-day glare from obstructing their view of the game. But, between tailgating and the stadium, sunglasses just seem to go missing. We hear it all the time, and we’re helping you to be proactive so you can enjoy those gameday shades for many seasons to come. Here’s what not to do: Read More

  • August 2017


    We were established on Sanibel Island, with fishing being a big part of our culture. The ocean is a playground for many of our employees and customers, so it’s easy to imagine that we are quite passionate about marine wildlife research and preservation. To continue enjoying our oceans, we must be sure to preserve its ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. So, we would like to tell you a little bit about OCEARCH and how buying specific Costa sunglasses can help fund their important research.
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  • August 2017

    OTIS Eyewear

    If you haven’t heard, OTIS jumped on the scene a few years ago with, to quote them, “a premium product that transcends the boundaries between fashion and technical excellence”. You know how people say you can “feel” the quality in a great pair of sunglasses? Well, OTIS is one of those brands. Read More

  • August 2017

    Back to School

    It’s that time again! August is here and summer is winding down. It’s a time of conflicting emotions for most of us. Whether we are ready for summer to end or not, the new school year is upon us, so it’s time to get ready. We have a few tips to make it a breeze for you. Read More

  • July 2017

    Do As The Locals Do

    Since a lot of you guys are locals near one of our shops, we thought it would be fun to share the Fourth of July fireworks hot spots our staff recommends for each location. We want to see you “Live Outside…” a little! Read More